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The musicians


David Bowie - Vocals, Saxophone, Guitar & Keyborads
Brian Eno - Synthesizers, Treatments & Strategies
Reeves Gabrels - Guitar
Erdal Kizilcay - Bass & Keyboards
Mike Garson - Grand Piano
Sterling Campbell - Drums
Carlos Alomar - Rhythm Guitar
Joey Barron - Drums
Yossi Fine - Bass
Tom Frish - Additional Guitar on "Strangers When We Meet"
Kevin Armstrong - Additional Guitar on "Thru' These Architects Eyes"
Bryony, Lola, Josey & Ruby Edwards - Backing Vocals on "The Hearts Filthy Lesson" and "I Am With Name"


David Bowie

No need of presentation for the Thin White Duke, who, in this album, is coming back with a bag of new characters. He is doing almost all voices and plays saxophone, guitar and keyboards.


Brian Eno

Former member of Roxy Music, Brian Eno is known for his work in atmospheric and ambient music. He also produced albums for U2, David Byrne and the Talking Heads, Devo, Daniel Lanois, David Bowie and many others.... He worked with David Bowie on three of his greatest albums : the Berlin trilogy (Low, "Heroes" and Lodger). He has done synthesizers and treatments for 1.Outside, and brought his personal touch with his strategies, cars that puts musicians in strange situation where they have to react with their music. (See Games for Musicians)


Reeves Gabrels

He is the person who started the new 90s Bowie. David met him during the Glass Spiders tour and decide to start Tin Machine with him. Since then, they work together. He actively partipate in the writing and producing of Earthling , the following album. On 1.Outside, he play only guitar. But what guitar player he is!


Erdal Kizilcay

Erdal Kizilcay is a multi-instrumentist who works with Bowie since the 80s. He did the Buddha of Suburbia album with Bowie and has done some tours with him. On this album, he plays bass and keyboards.


Mike Garson

The oldest still playing musician with David Bowie. He was a Spider From Mars and worked on Aladdin Sane, Diamond Dogs and Young Americans. He was back with Bowie in 1993 on the albums released that year. He's a key element on 1.Outside : his piano solos enlighten the album.


Sterling Campbell

Former drummer in Duran Duran and now with Soul Asylum. His only work with Bowie was as the 1.Outside drummer. For the tour, Zachary Alford replace him.


Carlos Alomar

Excellent guitarist who played with Bowie from 1976 to 1987. He's back on 1.Outside to play rythm guitar.


1.Outside album


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