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The Teachings of Ramona A. Stone

by RaMOANa


Warning: This story contains some coarse material :-) 

He awoke and it all felt strange, it was a slow, dawning feeling that seemed to take over yet in the background, the feeling was one of familiarity. He realized he was drenched in sweat that was hot once and now cold. The parts of him that touched his wife felt like they were glued to her. Then he lay very still. He could hear her breathing and it was a soft, regular sound. He could smell her too. It was the smell that made him realize it was like the feeling he was having when he woke. He gently peeled himself off the side of his lovely wife then sat straight up in bed and looked around. He realized something was not quite right, there's that smell again, stronger than before. It was the smell that gave him the feeling and he tried to put it into words in his head.

"I'm I in a safety zone?" he asked himself. He held his head and tried to collect his thoughts. That smell, what is it that it reminds me of? It was like one of those long, slow, lazy days from his childhood where he could daydream and the sun was just right, the trees and all the shadows were perfect.... and the cerulean skies. And he had thought to himself, I don't ever want to forget this moment but now he did not have total recall where that was or even when, it was just a body memory.

He contemplated this dilemma - why is there strangeness to what I was once comfortable with? A feeling of dread filled him and he knew if he did not sort out this out-of -sorts karma, he would not be flooded with that muse.....that muse that gave him the gifts to write his songs......that heavenly, ethereal muse that gave him the gifts to hear it in his head and translate it to get the sound on the ground. He knew that muse knew his soul and that the overflow of his writings was sometimes too much for the mere mortals to receive (ha! he thought to himself!).

While he was with these thoughts, Iman started to stir......he looked lovingly at her and thought, God she is the eternal nubian princess of my heart. She was still fast asleep and he saw that a single tear had fallen down the side of that majestic face. He often wondered if they were linked in some past life. It certainly felt like it.....We were heroes, he was her King and she was his Queen. He was daydreaming again when he could vaguely hear Iman say something......what was it? It seemed to be very important to him, his instinct told him and now he had to think back to what she had sounded like "I am Iman" or did it? He told her gently, "yes you are, my love" hoping she would continue in that half-dream state. It was like her subconcious heard him and there was a reaction, her brow slightly furrowed and she was shaking her head then she said it clearly, "I am with name"!

He looked down at her, his eyes widening and he realized there was another suppressed memory that he must recall....he needed it, it was most important. Years ago, during the haze of the 70's, there was this street-wise woman he had played with......what was her name? and why does this make me think of her, he thought. The voice in his head said FIND HER! for she knows who the small friends are....... Yeah, I know she knows who the effing small friends are! We were BOTH on high interest drugs and you can keep the damn dwarfmen and the grumpy gnomes!

He jumped out of bed, threw on his clothes and made his way to that part of South London, that part where it all began........He saw that coffee-shop....oh yeah, I liked that place, he smiled to himself.....then on the edge of the street between the alley he saw the back of her.......She had on a long coat that hid her form but he knew that face, that hair.

He looked at her and said, "Ramona! There was something between us, wasn't there?"

She smiled at him, slowly......he couldn' t remember the color of her eyes so he tried to look at them......she looked the same really in the face......Her hair was an auburn color that complimented her dark features.....the dark eyes, the dark eyebrows, the high cheekbones......(those cheekbones seemed familiar)......the small, little girl chin.....yes she was older but she still had that child-like quality in her face....He drew closer to her.....and saw that her eyes were a warm brown color (then he remembered - Ramona had said they were shit-brown because she was full of it back in those days and he smiled to himself as he remembered that). He tried to look deeply into those eyes......he could not see into the soul! It seemed it was reflecting light more than showing any depth for he could see his own eyes reflecting.... She grabbed his hand, "come inside"......and lead him through a side door next to the building they were standing at....

The inside smelled just like honey, - no, or was that sugar? and the walls seemed to be thick with it.....hmm he thought (yeah walls of sugar.....I remember that!) He tried to recall the first time they had made love, they were so out of it, seeing tracers from the wacky weed they had...... "Please sit down David" she said, interrupting his flashback. "Oh, yeah, right!" he said. Why did he keep daydreaming and flashing back through a crack in the past today?

"We need to talk" she said sitting down across from him, laying back against the settee. "I have thought about alot of the things we went through in the past, and......" He could hear her talking but his mind kept drifting....then he heard her say, "we need to sort this out" - that brought him back to reality!

Whoa! and he found himself saying, "you know, I have found my soul-mate then don't you? Iman means everything to me".

Then she said the most curious thing....."yeah, she is a good timing drone".

She paused and said "I sent her to you had her when you needed her and now you are feeling a wanting.....a wanting for more......

You have created your own safety zone and you know that the chaos of it is killing you....."

He tried to speak, "but....."

"No wait, let me finish telling you all you need to want that certainty, don't you? Now then, here's a cuppa for ya....."

she handed him his cup and he sat back and started to relax, somehow this felt like home.....

"Iman is a part of me, David......I have always been with you. You know when you were all those entities, each one was separate but so different but just one of those entities was not the complete David Bowie, was it?"

He started to feel that dwarfman stir, the one down jumped, like an involuntary response... Hmmmm, he thought.... I could really go for her again! I'd like to give her one right now! he noticed her ever-erect nipples through her blouse......damn I could just fall back in so easily....he noticed his mouth was watering and swallowed.


"uh, yeah!"

"Is that a dwarfman in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" His automatic blast-from-the-past response came out, "Both!". She smiled widely, "yeah....I can scream and still relax, it's unbelievable..." and he thought, yeah you are Stone and I am Wax......God, this all came too easily....I'm going insane....why couldn't I remember this before? Are we strangers or not? Are we strangers when we meet? He started to feel angry, that queen BITCH! How does she know what she can do to me?

"Hmmm, looks like we have to do something about that dwarfman are stuck in some sort of mind warp until we work this baby out...."

Flashing teeth of brass
standing in the crotch-hungry dark, he was standing Tall.
In our wings that bark,
We were so turned on
"Yeah, lay me fucking place, bitch..."..

steely resolve is now falling.....

She should say: twitch and moan

he saw the wet spots on the sheets......and that smell was there, more than ever......

He was angry with himself now and he asked himself, "which one of the 12 kinds of quick drying cement are you fucking trying to emulate? You pillock!" He admonished himself, "Pratt! how could I fall into this crack?"

and he heard the song playing in his head -

"It'll end in chrome
Night of the female good time drone
I am with name
I am Ramona A. Stone"

and he thought, "I am married but I am not a fanatic about it..."

She was fully spent. And all that moaning had drowned out any reasoning he had with himself. This is strange, she sleeps in the same position as Iman. Damn she said Iman was one of her drones or something! Now that he had put the dwarfman to sleep, he hoped to get his sense of reasoning back and think with the right head!

I have to get out of here! His mind was in turmoil (Lord get me out of here). He needed to get back to his home. He whispered in her ear, "so bye, bye, love".


When he arrived he noticed the stillness in the air. He made his way, upstairs to their bedroom. He could see the form of his wife under the white satin sheets. She was in the same position as he had left her. He rushed over to the bed, "thank God, it's you...."

She rolled over and he saw those warm brown eyes and the auburn hair. She said, "yes, I am Ramona A. Stone."

He smiled.

"I need you Ramona, I need your smell like I need the air I breathe.

I need your depth and even your sugar walls - I can't live without you for I cannot live without my muse and you are the only one who can tap that source."

"Do I feel a moan coming on?" she asked, smiling at him. "Yes, love, you have the complete Ramona now, not just the Iman drone. Can I sit on your karma now?"

He knew in his heart of hearts she had much to teach him, much to know for she had taught him so much already. He was drawn to her, needed her like a fix...addicted to finding that certainty.

"Crack baby crack
Show me you're real", he responded.



(Text used with the permission of the author)


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