The characters

Nathan Adler

The detective Pr Nathan Adler is investigator for Art-Crime, Inc. He is actually investigating on the death of Baby Grace Blue. It's the principal character of 1.Outside. He sings : The Hearts Filthy Lesson, No Control and the two SEGUE with his name. You can also read his diary which you can read in the first part of the 1.Outside booklet.


Baby Grace Blue

This young 14-year-old girl has been killed. Nathan Adler investigate on her murder. The three principal suspects are Ramona A. Stone, Leon Blank and Algeria Touchshriek. The only time we hear her on 1.Outside is on the SEGUE she sang. It's a recording she did before her death.


Ramona A. Stone

Ramona is a tyrannical futurist who was the priestress of a suicide temple in the 70's and owner of a body-parts jewellery stores. She's also an art-drug seller. She's highly suspected for the murder of Baby Grace Blue. On 1.Outside, she sings only her SEGUE and the following song, I Am With Name.


Leon Blank

A young 22-year-old outsider who has been in jail for plagiarism without licence. It's a friend of Ramona A. Stone. He is also a suspect in the murder of Baby Grace Blue. On 1.Outside, he sings Leon Takes Us Outside, The Motel, I Have Not Been To Oxford Town, Thru' These Architects Eyes and Strangers When We Meet.


Algeria Touchshriek

An old lonely 78-year-old man. He owns a shop on Rail Yard in Oxford Town. He also sells art-drugs. He's another suspect in the murder of Baby Grace. He sings his SEGUE.


The Artist/Minotaur

The murderer of Baby Grace Blue, but his identity is unknown. He sings The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty), Wishful Beginnings and I'm Deranged.



The other characters singing on the album are Paddy, Miranda, the Oxford Town inhabitants and the High Court members.

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